How to Consciously Clean Out Your Wardrobe

This past weekend I decided to go through my wardrobe and give it a good clear out. I do this a few times a season but the things I clear out always find a way back into my closet and then I never really end up getting rid of anything. This time around I really drilled myself on the stuff I would keep.

Truth is I was an avid shopper. I was also an emotional shopper. Every time something would go wrong, my first instinct was to shop my sorrows away. The aftermath of all of this was piles of clothes that I barely touched. So, I finally decided to do something about my overflowing closet.

Here are some of the tips I came up with during my clear-out that could help you the next time you decide to go through your wardrobe.

Use a Pile System

This is probably the best way to do a good wardrobe clean out. First take everything out of your closet, dresser and drawers. Throw it all onto your bed or the floor and then go through the huge pile one item at a time. While you’re doing this, make sub-piles as follows:

A. Keep Pile- These are things that you have worn in the past 3 months, your each for frequently, and feel good in.

B. Donate or Give to People Pile- Clothes that you haven’t worn in months and don’t feel good in. Drop them off at a donation centre or give them to friends and family members that you know will genuinely enjoy wearing them.

C. Sell Pile- This pile consists of items that are still wearable but just not for you. They either don’t fit right or are not your style anymore. So instead of throwing them out try to sell them and make some extra money along the way. My favourite places to sell my clothes are Platos Closet, Kind Exchange and DePop. I once made $100 selling my clothes, so definitely try it out if you have a lot of unworn clothes.

D. Throw Out Pile- This pile is usually small to non-existent for me. I prefer to donate rather than throw out my clothes, but any clothes that are really tattered and completely unwearable will go into this pile.

E. Unsure Pile- If I’m undecided about which pile to put a certain piece in I throw it in the unsure pile and come back to it at the end of my clear-out.


Try on Your Clothes While Cleaning

Do this while organizing your clothes into piles. This will help you better decide what you want to do with your clothes and you can have some fun while you’re at it. I always get my sisters to watch me try on my clothes so I can get a second opinion and if something doesn’t fit me then they can also try it on to see if they want it.

Keep a Box for Stuff That You’re Unsure About

This can consist of clothes that were originally in your unsure pile and items that you can’t sell yet. Keep this box in your room or closet so you don’t forget about it. If you find yourself never reaching for anything in this box or just forgetting about everything in it altogether, then it’s probably a sign that you don’t need any of it in your closet. My cut-off for keeping this box is 3-4 months. By then seasons change and I can decide what to do with last season’s items, as well as sell the next season’s items.

Get Rid of it as Soon as Possible

Sell, donate, or give it away before it ends up back in your closet. If you don’t get rid of it this time around then it will most likely end up in the back of your closet to collect dust. Instead give it to someone that would enjoy wearing it right this moment.

End Result: After hours of spending my Sunday going through all of my clothes I had a cleaner, more manageable closet with pieces that I love to wear every day.

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