My All-Natural and Cruelty Free Makeup Bag

This week I decided to switch things up a little and do a post on my makeup routine. Around last year I started to switch out my beauty products to cruelty-free and all natural brands. By default, majority of natural beauty brands are also vegan, which is definitely a plus if you lead that lifestyle. For me that’s not personally a major concern since I’m not vegan, but it’s still a benefit. I mean let’s leave animals out of our makeup bags, am I right?

Switching over to a natural beauty routine was not easy. I had a lot of misses with certain brands, but I can finally say that I have found the right mix of products for my everyday makeup routine. Here are my favourite cruelty free and natural makeup products!

100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer

IMG_5247This was actually a recent purchase. I bought it at the beginning of July as I needed a lighter version of a foundation for the hotter weather. Although originally I meant to buy the Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation (which I still plan on purchasing come autumn) I really ended up liking this tinted moisturizer. It does what it says and blurs pores, as well as fine lines. While the coverage is buildable, it’s not heavy on the skin. It’s made with natural and nourishing ingredients like avocado seed oil. This tinted moisturizer is 100% natural free, cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan.

RMS Tinted “Un” Powder

IMG_5248RMS was the first natural beauty brand that I ever tried and I can honestly say it is my favorite. This is a lightweight powder that can be worn on its own or over foundation. It gives a flawless finish and leaves your skin feeling really soft after applying. It comes in three shades and I use the shade “2-3,” which is great for medium skin tones.

EcoBrow Eyebrow Defining Wax

IMG_5249I love filling in my brows. It’s probably my favourite part of my makeup routine and this product makes it even better. This works the same as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow, which I used to be obsessed with using out of my sister’s makeup bag. I personally like this product better because its lightweight and smudge-proof, all while giving you fuller brows. It’s also made without parabens and 100% natural. I use the shade “Liz.”

Pacifica Steller Gaze Length and Strength Mascara

IMG_5250Finding a natural mascara was probably the hardest because they just don’t tend to work as well as conventional brands, except this one. This mascara strengthens, lengthens and adds volume to your lashes. After washing this mascara off my eyelashes don’t feel dry and crispy, as they usually would from a drugstore brand. Pacifica is sold in Whole Foods, so its easily accessible and is relatively inexpensive.

RMS Lip2Cheek

IMG_5251As you can probably already tell from the picture I really like this lip product (so sad its almost done!). This product provides a natural, but rich tint to your lips. Packed with organic ingredients, it’s is hydrating and can be used lightly for a sheer effect or densely to provide a stain-like effect on your lips. Another plus is that you can use this on your lips or on your cheeks as blush.

NOTE: I buy a lot of my natural makeup and skincare products from The Detox Market. Located in Downtown, Toronto, they are dedicated to providing green beauty alternatives. Definitely check them out for some great products!

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