Current Skincare Favourites

Skincare is always an important part of my self-care routine, but in the winter months it’s even more vital. With the colder days and harsh winds, its needless to say that my skin needs some extra TLC. I recently discovered some new skincare brands that have surprised me and have been added to my all-time favourites list. Plus, all of the brands featured in this post are completely cruelty free and vegan!

The Ordinary: Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% ($7.90)

This product has become holy grail for me because it’s great for uneven and dull skin types. It brightens your skin while also improving the evenness of skin texture and another add on is that it reduces the appearance of blemishes. Basically, this product does it all! The consistency is a cream-gel and absorbs into the skin seamlessly. I use this product both AM and PM, as the first step in my skincare routine, before applying any serums or moisturizer.


The Ordinary: Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% ($5.90)

This product is one of those things that was all the buzz on social media. I read about it in a blog post and after doing some research decided to try it out myself. Niacinamide is great for oily and blemish prone skin. I’ve noticed that since I’ve started using this, my skin gets less oily throughout the day and my makeup stays on better. Plus, my breakouts have reduced significantly. I use this product only the morning after I’ve finished applying the Azelaic Acid Suspension. What’s great about The Ordinary products is that they have a product regime on their website so you know which products work good together. I found that using the Azelaic Acid Suspension alongside the Niacinamide works wonders for my skin!

Klairs: Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop: Pure Vitamin C ($29.20)

This was also a product that I bought because of all the rave behind it. Vitamin C is a great serum to use if you have dull skin or dark spots, and can use this a spot treatment or all over your face and neck. Definitely give this product a try if you have sensitive skin and are in need of a product that evens out skin tone, while also brightening the skin. I use this in the evening in place of the Niacinamide and then follow up with a night cream.

New Serum1

Dessert Essence: Tea Tree Oil ($12.99)

The arrival of winter immediately means its scarf season. While scarves doing a great job at keeping you warm, they can also cause breakouts. The itchy material constantly brushing up against my chin and jawline, always leads to an unwanted pimple or two along such areas. The most effective (and natural) way that I found to deal with these pimples is by using tea tree oil. This brand is my favorite because its 100% pure tea tree oil and is free of any harsh chemicals so I am sure that I’m putting the right stuff on my face. I dab this on any visible blemishes after moisturizing and by morning they are either visibly reducing or completely gone.


100% Pure: Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream ($31.00)

This is the last step in my skincare routine. I use it both morning and evening, and honestly it is probably the best eye cream I have used to this day. It’s a light consistency and absorbs into the skin so smoothly. If you have puffy and dark eye circles, then definitely give this a try. 100% Pure is one of my favorite all natural, cruelty-free brand and the products always live up to my expectations. Plus, the coffee-like smell of this eye cream is to die for!



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