Hey there! I’m Puneet!

Born and brought up in Toronto, I’ve always been a quiet girl with a loud mind. Books are my lifeline and travel is my passion. In between the two I love to play with clothes and dabble a bit in baking (although I’m not that good!).

I love all things beautiful and have knack for the small things in life. When my head’s not stuck in a book I can be found re-watching old Rom-Coms, singing the lyrics to songs very wrong (and off-tune), and annoying my two best friends (or rather my older sisters).

But Enough About Me…

My Blissful Being was born from outrage over an industry that I have loved and worshiped since childhood: the fashion industry. Fashion is a beautiful form of art and a language of self-expression. Yet it is one of the most destructive industries on our planet and I refuse to continue blindly purchasing clothes that I know lead to the oppression and abuse of lower-class workers across the globe.

Through promotion of ethical and sustainable brands I hope to inspire others to embrace the more respectable and equality-driven part of the fashion industry. Ethical fashion does not have to be hard, nor does it have to be boring. But it is definitely the more humane option. 

This blog is a platform for me to voice my views on the fashion industry and hopefully inspire others to tag along with me on the ethical fashion movement.

Puneet x